UAT – Foundations

A mathematical approach to Dr.Tan’s Balance Method

A logical visual model that explains and makes accessible meridian interactions in acupuncture
Say goodbye to memorizing point locations, functions and indications and say hello to understanding why points are where they are and their actions on the human body.
United Acupuncture Theory Foundations Course bares new understanding to Zang Fu theory and point indications and moves meridian theory beyond empirical observation.
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UAT – Clinical Applications

Dynamic 4 Needles 5 Elements

Sa’am 4 needle acupuncture using abdominal palpation diagnostics

Treat many internal patterns with confidence in the positive results of your treatments
With just 4 needles and instant feedback on treatment efficacy, you and the patient elevate the treatment process to a collaborative experience. You verify your diagnosis instantly, and the patient feels involved and assured of the targeted outcome.
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UAT – Clinical Applications

Treating Thoracic and Facial Problems with Entry and Exit Points

Treating the affection distally and with excellent efficiency
Using the entry and exit points of the 12 major meridians to treat thoracic affections and  facial or head affections.
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